Mrs. Dhara Rattan
Mrs. Dhara RattanPrincipal
Mrs. Dhara Rattan, the principal of the school is a distinguished educator and administrator and an inspiring lady who is firmly dedicated to care and value children for their prosperous future.
Being educated abroad, she has done O level’s London, Graduated from Lady Irwin College New Delhi, earned a Post graduation in English and possess a bachelor degree in Education, she is widely traveled, well-read and possess a very caring and positive attitude for children. Her rich experience of curriculum development and teachers training, has been the guiding force in the initiation and implementation of new ideas in the school curriculum. She created systems and practices to synchronise the implementation of modern education in school .
Her Mission is to blend the strong cultural fundamentals of the heritage and traditional systems with advanced learning tools, thus providing a new direction to education. She believes that education extends beyond academic study. She wants the students to develop fully, and her approach is aimed to enhance them academically, culturally, socially, emotionally, spiritually, aesthetically & physically.

She has nurtured the school from its inception in 1996 till date.

Mr. Vishva Rattn
Mr. Vishva RattnDirector & Founder
Mr. Vishv Rattn M.A., LLB, B.ED is fully dedicated to the mission of high school. He took extra-curricular activities to a new level in Shardein with his keen interest in boxing, shooting ,Horse riding, debating and dramatics personally guiding and training students to hone their oratorical and dramatic skills and guiding teachers in integrating non academic subjects with academic ones to enhance the learning experience and extend it to the reach of students who learn in ways other than academic.


  • Dr.Prabhat Kumar  :  I.A.S.
  • Nideesh Sharma  : M. Arch.
  • Dr. Vineet Gupta  : M.D. psychiatry
  • Arti Aggarwal : Media Consultant & Journalist
  • Dr. Rashmi Wardhan : Associate Professor , Shivaji college, Delhi.
  • Dr. Shashi Goyal :practicing psychologist, Canada
  • Mrs. S. Jaine : P.G.T., Central School,. Jaipur
  • Shri. Ratan Chaturvedi.