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The school bus is one of the most loved forms of transportation to school. School bus drivers are also screened and required to undergo special training that involve ensuring their young passengers’ safety and security, first aid and medical procedures, road safety, usage of fire extinguishers and other important concerns. School bus drivers are educated to observe traffic rules and road safety. They do not drive recklessly and they make sure to follow road signs. They are also trained in school transportation emergency procedures.


The school buses at SHARDEIN SCHOOL, Camera and GPS enabled. The GPS tracker empowers parents to know their child’s location and give them peace of mind. School administration also holds evacuation drills so that students understand emergency procedures such as entering or leaving the school bus in an organized manner, giving priority or assistance to students with disabilities, and understanding the location and purpose of emergency exits.



Routes covered by Buses are—-
1. Gandhi colony
2. New Mandi
3. Jath Colony
4. Awas Vikas
5. Khautali
6. Numaish camp
7. Indra Colony
8. Rampuri
9. South Civil Line Road
10. Khalapar
11. Avadh Vihar
12. Teachers colony
13. Prempuri
14. Saket Colony
15. Agrsein Vihar
16. Laxman Vihar
17. Surender Vihar
18. Laddha wala
19. Ankit Vihar, Subash Nagar
20. Circular Road