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Admission is based on a student’s academic promise and personal qualities. The School is committed to maintaining racial, ethnic, religious, socio-economic and geographic diversity in its student body.

For parents interested in securing a spot for their child at Shardein School, our streamlined admission process ensures a seamless and transparent experience:

  1. Enquiry Form Submission: Prospective parents are invited to visit the School Reception and complete the “Enquiry Form.” This initial step marks the beginning of the admission journey. Essential certificates related to the child’s academic history are to be submitted alongside the Enquiry Form.

  2. Review by Admission Committee: Our Admission Committee carefully reviews each Enquiry Form to determine eligibility. Once approved, parents are guided to acquire the official Admission Form from the school reception.

  3. Admission Form Submission: The completed Admission Form, along with any required documentation, is submitted for the intended class. At this point, parents are provided with the syllabus for the upcoming entrance examination.

  4. Entrance Examination: The prospective student participates in an entrance examination that evaluates their aptitude and knowledge. The examination date and time are communicated alongside the syllabus.

  5. Result Announcement: Following the entrance exam, results are tabulated based on performance and are posted on the school notice board. Additionally, a personal interaction may be conducted to gain further insights into the student’s potential and aspirations.

Our commitment to a fair and comprehensive admission process ensures that each child’s individuality is recognized and celebrated. We invite you to take this step towards an exceptional educational journey at Shardein School.


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If a child has to be withdrawn from the school, parents are requested to give one month notice in writing, failing which, one month fee will be charged.


Those who leave the school in May, must in all cases pay the fee for the month of June.


A fee of Rs. 50/- is charged for the issue of TC after the Annual Result. He/she must apply for the same in prescribed form available in the office. Transfer certificate for children withdrawn will not be issued until all the dues are settled.


Students can be asked to leave the school on the following grounds:

  1. a) Disciplinary
  2. b) Unsatisfactory progress in work
  3. c) Detention or repeated detention in class.


A student who fails twice in the same class will not be permitted to continue his/her studies in the school.


In case a student stops attending the school without informing the authorities, all the dues of the school will have to be paid by the parents/guardians till the written information is received. This may, in certain cases amount to fees for the full session.


Certified that I/we have read the above rules carefully and undertake to assure the School Authorities that we shall abide by the above rules. We are aware that failure to follow the above rules may lead to the removal of my/our ward from the school.


Certificate (To be signed by the parents).

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