Shardein School is an English Medium co-educational public institution affiliated to the CBSE. The word ‘Shardein’ is a Sanskrit word meaning ‘of Sharda’ (The Goddess of education and learning). “Maa Sharda” has gifted every child generously. We at Shardein help children in discovering their gift and utilizing their talent constructively by developing and polishing the child’s individuality. Thus attaining excellence. “Excellence begets Excellence” Shardein tries to inculcate in its students the pursuit of excellence. Our efforts are to develop each child as a personality, excelling in his/her field, a happy human being and a worthy parent..

Children's World

The independent Kindergarten school is in fact children’s world. Our Toddlers decide their time table every day. It’s break time whenever a child feels hungry and study time as soon as he is ready with crayons a pencils. Daring one’s climb tree houses while caring one’s make sand houses in the sand pit. Every one love their story telling & Puppet shows. We retain the very personal touch that is such an important element at the start of child’s education. “That’s Children’s World indeed'” THE AIM OF OUR NURSERY. To create a warm stimulating & imaginative environment Care & Value Children. Provide Security & Stability. Provide a broad & practical curriculum that encourages the child’s intellectual & social growth. When you send your child to our Nursery, we ensure that you & your child will enjoy the happy relationship between school & home that has been created through parents & teachers working closely together to enable each child to receive a stimulating & interesting start to their education. The class rooms are cheerfully decorated, to make even the most timid child feel at home. All are fully equipped to provide ample opportunity for constructive imaginative play. The children are not forced beyond their capabilities, but sufficient stimulus is provided to make them achieving wonders. INFORMATION ABOUT ADMISSION Admission in Shardein School is strictly on the basis of Merit based on the performance of the child in the entrance test. CHILDREN’S WORLD Procedure for Admission There is no formal test, in nursery and play class a personal interaction with the child and his parents is enough to be a part of in the children’s world. For many youngsters, kindergarten in their first experience in a structured learning environment. Student entering children’s world are opening a door to a wealth of intellectual, emotional, physical and social experiences and knowledge. Kindergarten classes are designed to provide a balanced experience in these four basic areas. They are encouraged to use their natural curiosity to explore the class room and environment. Children in kindergarten learn by exploration and discovery. Through making choices and expressing their feelings. Children prepare for reading and writing through imaginary play, telling their own stories and listening to others, acting our plays, hearing stories readout by the teachers. It is most important in the early years that the child is led into doing things in an enriching environment which brings about healthy growth. Together we learn to work with our hands in useful ways, delighting in the joy and beauty of what we create. Through a feeling outlive and warmth, our kindergarten becomes a little family, a small universe within a large one.

The school was founded by Ratan Lal Sharda Devi. Foundation trust and is managed by its managing committee. Apart from the members, a dedicated Advisory Board nurture the policies & vision of Shardein. The Advisory Board members are eminent personalities from different walks of life, placed in various positions of different parts of the country & abroad. They contribute with ideas / suggestions, towards vision and mission formation, collectively.

“At Shardein we promise progress towards perfection. When a child becomes a shardenian in nursery, he remains so for fifteen years. During these years each one of us work like partners for the child’s development. While no child is similar to the other, no child is lesser either; we appreciate a child’s individuality and try to strengthen his strength. Once you decide to be a part of the Shardein family, do so only when you believe in us. Have full faith that shardein stands committed to leave no stone unturned for each child because – “Once a shardenian always a shardenian”

“Our Seamless Transportation Network: Connecting the Entire Muzaffarnagar District”

Navigating the vast expanse of the Muzaffarnagar District has never been easier for our students, thanks to our fleet of six dedicated buses. At Shardein School, we take pride in offering a seamless and efficient transportation network that ensures hassle-free commutes to and from our campus.

With our well-maintained buses crisscrossing the district, parents can rest assured that their children are in safe hands, enjoying a comfortable and secure journey each day. Our commitment to convenience extends beyond the classroom, as we recognize the importance of a stress-free travel experience in the overall well-being of our students.

Whether they reside in the heart of the city or in the farthest corners of the district, our transportation network is designed to make every student’s journey to Shardein School a smooth and enjoyable one. Join us in providing a reliable and efficient transportation solution that enhances the overall Shardein experience for both students and parents alike.

Mr. Vishva Ratan

Managing Director

Mrs. Dhara Ratan

June 2024